Home Remedies for Your Four-Legged Friends

As a lover of pets Mrs. Hacker knows her way around a vets office, but with a yard full of aging pets, she knew there must be a better way. Her sweet cat, Puss Puss, was constantly screaming from her litterbox, and her husband’s dog, Madison, loved to eat grass but couldn’t digest the stuff. What is a compassionate pet owner to do?

puss puss

After several trips to the vet, many rounds of antibiotics, and little to no improvement in the frequency of UTIs in her poor four-footed friend, Mrs. Hacker turned to common sense. Instead of filling Ms. Puss with antibiotics that had just as many side effects as they had benefits, she decided to try cranberry capsules along with some simple advice from her vet.

First, take about a quarter cup of good quality dry cat food that is a uretic feline formula. I realize good quality is not very specific. Mrs. Hacker uses Wysong, purchased at the pet store, but if you are interested in other brands, ask your vet for a uretic feline dry food recommendation. Open a cranberry capsule, the kind you get from your pharmacy in the vitamin aisle, and pour it over the dry cat food. Shake the food around until the powder from the capsule coats the dry food. Cranberry capsule should be given once a day. If your cat eats multiple times a day, use the steps that follow, but skip the cranberry for all but one meal. Now that your cranberry powder is mixed with your dry cat food, cover the mixture with warm water, enough to cover all the food. Stir until the water begins to look like broth. No matter how many times you feed your cat throughout the day, always mix water with the dry food to avoid further urinary problems. Next, spoon two tablespoons of good quality canned cat food with gravy on top of your mixture. Mrs. Hacker uses Science Diet canned cat food with gravy. Use a good amount of the gravy in your two tablespoons. Mix it all together and let your fur baby dig in. Obviously if you do not see an improvement in your cat’s health, seek professional advice from your vet.

Some would argue that dogs are smarter than cats, but at times Madison proves them wrong. She has a habit of eating grass, which results in her vomiting. Not only is this gross, but it probably means she’s feeling pretty lousy. Mrs. Hacker found another simple solution. If you can’t keep your dog away from grass, you can at least keep the grass from upsetting their stomach. To avoid stomach upset give your dogs human probiotics, but be sure to call your vet and ask what ingredients are good for your pet. Probiotics are also helpful if your pet is on antibiotics. Antibiotics can mess with your pet’s system. Probiotics can help during the time they are on antibiotics. The capsules can be given the same way as the cranberry capsules described above. Just open the capsule, pour onto food, and mix.

I call my mom the Dr. Quinn of the animal world. The pets are a part of the family, and they deserve the best. Sometimes the best is going to the vet for a serious injury or illness, and sometimes the best is staying home in their cozy beds and lush backyard.

Have a pet home remedy you want to share? Comment on this blog post. We’d love to hear from you, and while you are at it follow us and share us too.

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