Resourceful Christmas Decorating

xmas tree 1 While the weather outside may be frightful, why not bring in the beauty without brining in the cold? Mrs. Hacker likes to celebrate Christmas by bringing the beauty of winter indoors.

Christmas Wreath

If grape vines grow around your residence, look for a vine the circumference of a pencil or bigger. Cut a long piece of vine and submerge it in water. The water will make it more pliable. Twist the vine around itself until it forms a circle. Allow the vine to dry.

Collect pine or cedar boughs, leafy plants with red berries (i.e., holly), pine cones, acorns and nuts. Once the vine base of your wreath is dry, place items you have collected on the wreath base. When you have found a placement you like, apply hot glue to the backs of each item to hold them in place. Top the wreath with a bow and a loop of ribbon as a hanger.

Natural Tree

Mrs. Hacker typically gets xmas tree 2her tree only about two weeks before Christmas because her primary source of heat is wood stove. As you know, wood stoves produce dry heat, which can quickly cause your beautiful Christmas tree to shed needles. To prevent your evergreen from turning into a weeping willow, be sure to give it plenty of water, place it as far away from the heat source as possible, buy/cut it as close to Christmas as possible, and always practice fire safety and prevention.

Choose a tree according to your space. We’ve all seen the Christmas comedy where the family chooses a giant tree for a tiny living room. Mrs. Hacker always chooses a narrow tree to allow enough space. Silvertip fir are usually narrower trees, if you have a small space like Mrs. Hacker. Look for a tree with lots of sturdy branches to hold up your ornaments, and make sure the branches are far enough apart that your ornaments won’t be crowded, especially if you have a lot of ornaments.

If you don’t have a tree skirt, wrap a white sheet under your tree to give it a snowy look. White felt can also be used without having to do any sewing.

If you want to select your tree in the great outdoors like Mrs. Hacker, buy a permit for about $10 by searching for “Christmas tree permit, [your state].” The permit will specify some basic rules like maximum height and minimum height. Be sure to follow these guidelines.

Basket of Gold

Add some sparkle to your Christmas display with a basket or glass container of metallic pine cones, seed pods, and nuts. Collect these items and spray paint them with gold, silver, and/or bronze paint. You can even sprinkle them with glitter to add extra dazzle. Mrs. Hacker treasures her basket of gold  made many years ago by her mother.

If you’re not a big fan of glitter and glitz, go natural with a basket of unpainted nuts, seed pods, and pine cones atop a bed of pine or cedar boughs.

A Festive Bouquet

To create a colorful Christmas bouquet, use pine tree branches and holly with red berries. Small pine cones can be placed at the base of the bouquet or hot glue them to branches or sticks.

It’s a Wrap

Now that you’ve mixed your DIY décor with your old favorites, tie it all together by wrapping your wall art in decorative wrapping paper. You can even apply ribbon or bows to make them look like real gifts.

We hope that you will try these tips, and show us how you use them to create your own versions. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tip: Stay away from poinsettia if you have pets as it can cause vomiting and diarrhea if ingested.


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